Monday, October 31, 2011

blogger barbie.

I can be Barbie ... I never even heard of such a thing until one of my co-workers was making the costume for her daughter.

I want to be a blogger, but I never make the time to write. I always think it has to be more substantial. It doesn't. It isn't going to be big news. I'm not writing for the NY Times. I'm writing for you. I'm going to tell you about what I'm thinking and doing and hopefully you'll follow along on my journeys.

Today I wanted to write. Once I got home, cooked a disgusting box dinner (that I threw out it was so bad) and handed out some candy I'm ready for jammies and my book. I don't feel like writing anymore.

I love Halloween. Seriously LOVE. At my apartment I got 4 trick-or-treaters today. Aunt Joyce said that once she got over 350. That's a lot of candy and WAY more exciting than just 4. But minnie, the monkey, a bee, and some superhero in yellow (now that I think of it, maybe he was the transformer) made my night. Thanks to the little toddlers for coming to get some teddy grahams.

Well, off to read my book and hope that some more kids stop by so I can get rid of these damn blow pops.

ps - just checked the site and there's no blogger barbie. figures.

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