Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweettarts are too small for the blender.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and think things through. That's just something I can't grasp...especially while creating the latest and greatest concoction in the kitchen.

I've been packing, organizing and getting everything ready for the big move to our new place next weekend.  Steve has done most of the work so far, but I have a feeling that this weekend I'm going to be buried in my "treasures".  While going through my things, I've come across so many recipes in the totes full of paper.  Yes, I did say FULL TOTES  - of recipes, old bank statements, address books, birthday cards, vet bills, you name it. Definitely time to purge.

One of the most interesting recipes I came across was for a Sweettart milkshake. Yummm! So today on my way home from work I had some time to kill before I could pick up the pizza. Friday is always pizza day in the Kerr house, but today we celebrated 11-11-11 by ordering out instead of making our own. But I digress... I stopped at the store and got the ingredients to make the milkshake.

Hours after dinner and one tote of papers more shredded and thrown out, I decide we need a treat break. Steve, he doesn't really need a break, he's been playing video games for hours. The new Skyrim came out yesterday and apparently this game is like football is for the "football widows". Three hundred hours of play. Yep, I'm a widow.

So I go in the kitchen and get everything in the blender and viola! A delicious Friday night treat. Really, you must try it if you have the chance. It is just delightful.

A few words of wisdom - if you take the time to smoosh the sweettarts with your meat tenderizer or rolling pin before you put them in the blender, you'll have a much better outcome. Believe me...or Steve. His words were "Wow! I just got a really in-your-face sip," as his eyes opened wide and he looked like he was about to choke. Yeah...chunks of sweettarts ... eeeks!

I guess the lesson learned is that I should learn to enjoy the creating process as much as relishing the end result. Then maybe I wouldn't have to worry about my husband choking while drinking a milkshake. Geesh!

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