Monday, December 17, 2012

C is for Combining F through N

F is for First. This is the first thing I saw as I left the house this morning. Such a beautiful sunrise! It makes me so happy to start my day seeing this!

G is for Grey. I love the grey stripes on my gigantic cat, Frankenpuss Crockett Kerr.

H is for home. We bought our house in October and after only 2 months, we already feel like we've lived here forever. I love our house! I wish I could Hug it! 

I is for Incredible - how I feel after my new haircut! Love that my hubs photobombed my pic! Gotta love that guy! 

J is for Jolly good time! I had a wonderful dinner date last night with my dear friends Angela and Joe! Mom and Jules too! I can't wait until next time!!!!!  

K is for Kota. I love my family so much! I'm having a great day with the NC Kotas.

L is for love. I love my littlest nephew so much! 

M is for Martha's Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies that I made for our cookie exchange. They are so yummy! 

N is for New project! Super secret Santa-style project. I can't wait to get started! 


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