Monday, December 3, 2012

Cypress Hill, 41, and a new instagram addict

Catching up on a new little project A Month of A-Z from one of the blogs I read MeetMeAtMikes by Pip Lincolne. I think it sounds like a super-fun way to get in more blogging and try to figure out my junky phone. So, to catch myself up I need to take care of A and B.

A is for Andersons, Audience, and Apps. I went out to the Cypress Hill show with my girls on Friday (last name Anderson) and downloaded the instagram app to my phone so that I could take part in #amonthof.

Cypress Hill at Towne Ballroom 11.30.12

B is for Brother. My brother Jamie's birthday was yesterday! I left him a voicemail and posted on his fb wall, but I just wish we lived closer so I could've taken him out for Five Guys to celebrate "41". Happy Birthday Brother!!!!

Happy Birthday to my brother Jamie!


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