Friday, June 19, 2009


I don’t own an iPhone, nor do I want to.  But I do want to have all the information I can at my fingertips.  That way I wouldn’t have to use my laptop…it’s so bulky and wireless is not free everywhere.  Honestly though, the new iPhone commercials touting “there’s an app for that!” are working.  Where else can you get your tweets, facebook messages, pop virtual bubbles, contact your insurance agent after an accident, and even keep track of your pregnancy?  My goodness, what has this world come to?

It is all very exciting, this paradigm shift.  I remember that less than ten years ago I swore that I would never get a cell phone.  I don’t think I really need one.  I’m not that important.  And who really is?  But now I couldn’t live without it. 

It’s not that I’m important by any means, (well, except to my employer who pays for my cell phone service) but more that I want to always be connected.  In a moment’s notice I can text friends and make plans or call my sister when I can’t find her at the mall.  And we all use our phones for these menial connections.

It has now been taken to a whole other level.  Iphone apps and other phone applications are growing rapidly.  Today I found an article Like a good neighbor, iPhone is there documenting the release of the State Farm Insurance company’s iphone app.  With the free app, which follows its competitor Nationwide Insurance,  customers can make claims, find repair facilities, and contact insurance agents.  I found another article What Wine Goes with iPhone?  There’s an App for That, which highlights the release of Hello Vino, an app that helps the user find the perfect wine for any situation. 

The article that started my quest for app knowledge, IBM Serves up an App for Wimbledon.  This app is very useful for those attending Wimbledon, but is only available for T-Mobile G1 phones.  Not iPhone friendly.  This app is supposed to make your experience at Wimbledon “more friendly”.  You can point your camera phone at a court and the scores will pop up on your screen, you can point your camera phone at one fo the eateries on site and the menu will pop up, and even use the phone as a compass to get around at the event. 

While searching for strange apps for this blog post, I was surprised to even find the article Trying to get pregnant?  There's an app for that!.  It basically served as a list of useful apps for those who wish to become, or are new, mothers.  These include fertility calendars, ones that monitor your pregnancy through the 9 months and give you information on the gestational progress of your fetus, one that helps you decide on your baby’s name, and even a kick counter.  Now I know there’s an app for everything.

What does all this mean?  Marketing has progressed to another level.  Companies are sponsoring apps and becoming a part of our everyday lives.  It’s very interesting to watch this technological revolution from the outside, since my cell phone is pretty sad in comparison.  Texting is its most revolutionizing feature.   But it really makes me think about how the world has changed and how we can now get the information we need at the touch of a button, no matter where we are.  And if you don’t know where you are…well, the new iPhone 3GS has an app for that.


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