Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter as a Marketing Tool: The Interview v.1

As part of my Internet Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising class I am to interview five different marketing professionals who use Social Networking as a marketing tool.

How long have you been using twitter as a marketing tool for your company?
I have been using it about a year or so.

How often do you post tweets?
I post tweets on a regular basis, several times throughout the day. I have found an "app" that allows me to send out messages that I have pre-loaded and tweet them throughout the day. I think it is important to have active participation. I also find it important to engage people on the site (and enjoyable as well) so when I finish a project or have a spare 10 minutes before a meeting, I will jump on and see what is going on.

Do you make your tweets personal or strictly business-oriented?
I feel it is important to be personal, personable, and business... just as you are at work. If you are just selling stuff, people won't pay you much attention. But if you educate and/or engage, you will have more success.

What do you feel are the benefits of this marketing tool? Increasing brand-awareness, giving a "human" side to your business, keeping in touch with the pulse of what is going on, having another forum for people to exchange ideas on home lighting design (for us), ask questions, gain feedback, as well as to perhaps touch customers. I think it helps to improve our marketing.

Do you find that twitter takes away from more important tasks because you have to be available to your followers at a moment’s notice? You don't need to be available at a moment's notice. Most users know that people are not on 24/7 and will not expect a 30 second response to an @ reply. I try to keep my time in short blocks to be able cover longer time periods and not allow it to keep me from other projects. If anything, it is a welcome distraction that helps me to focus better. Some people play Solitaire, I Twitter. It is more productive.

Do you consider social media to be of high importance in your company’s marketing plan?
I think it is an important part, but not THE most important part. My opinion is that any marketing plan needs to be well-rounded.

Have you found that your company has increased their brand awareness and acceptance through utilizing twitter?
Yes, I have. For one, I have tracked our website unique visitors since 2003 and have noticed a slow & steady incline. As I began to engage in Social Media, our unique visitors shot up to double what the previously had been. Social Media was our only change to our promotion of our site.

I hope this is helpful. I would be interested in seeing the paper once you are completed if that is possible. Good luck and best wishes.

Posted by Linda Shaw
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