Monday, February 13, 2012

Slow Cook Your Way To Your Man's Heart

Or your woman's heart...or anyone's heart for that matter! As long as they like beef.

I'm not a cook. not even close. Every now and then, though, I like to try something new to switch up the taco, chinese chicken, pizza, mac and cheese, turkey sandwich monotony. My favorite way to do it is the slow cooker. It's the most magical thing in my life. You throw a bunch of food in, go to work (or back to sleep if it's Sunday) and at dinner time - you have dinner!

Last year I started following Stephanie O'Dea's blog - A Year of Slow Cooking and have found a veritable mountain of treasure! It's one of my favorite blogs. I made the Italian Beef Sandwiches as a Super Sunday treat for my hubby last week. Not because of the super bowl, but because we love our lazy Sundays together. It's the one day we get to just hang out together and relax.

Italian Beef Sandwiches
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Anyway, I threw everything in the slow cooker and viola! At 7pm we had the most delicious beef sandwiches ever in the history of beef sandwiches! Seriously.

Due to my hubby having picky tastes and the fact that there's only two of us in the household, I made a few slight changes in the recipe. Here's what I did that deviated from Stephanie's recipe:

  • 2 lb. rump roast (it calls for 3-4 lb, but we could NEVER eat that much)
  • Didn’t put anise in
  • Only used 2 tablespoons of Italian Seasoning instead of the separate spices
  • Even though I used less meat, I used the same amount of everything else

If you want to wow your man or are in the courting phase of a relationship, make this. You will not be sorry! He will be yours long as you promise to make it again.

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