Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at The Kerr House

This is how we roll -

No overpriced dinner at some pseudo-fancy pretentious restaurant for us. At the Kerr's we had heart-shaped meatloaf made by my wonderful husband and baked potatoes with all the fixin's.

And these are the sweet little treats I made for my honey and coworkers - Oreo Cookie Truffles. It was my first shot at making truffles and they were far from perfect.  They taste fantastic, but looked a bit rough. I was actually calling them my pretty little disasters by the time I finished. I was having trouble because the truffles kept melting as I was covering them with chocolate. As I progressed they look more and more like "cookies and cream" truffles - lots of crumbs mixed in the chocolate coating.  I have since learned that you should freeze them so that doesn't happen. Thanks Aunt Kim! I can't wait to make them again and try the new technique.

Also, in true sister-as-my-valentine fashion, I got a super fabulous gift from my little Banani. She got me something we've both been wanting for YEARS. Yes, years. A swiss army knife!!! OMG. Yes, I got a weapon/sharp object as a Valentine's Day gift. She's a girl after my own heart! The only gift that could ever eclipse a swiss army knife is the new blood-splatter Goatwhore vinyl...or chocolate-covered cherries from the love of my life.

How did you celebrate? 

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