Thursday, February 2, 2012


*large sign of relief* 

It's over. ahhhhhhh...... 

The baby shower is over. 

On to the next thing, right?


It's been one thing after another these past few months - trip to NYC, getting ready to move, moving, unpacking,  Christmas, trip to NC, baby shower planning. Now I think I deserve a break and I'm going to take it. It's been pretty crazy around here and I'm looking forward to chillaxin' with my hubby, playing games, crafting, and reorganizing the kitchen so I can make better use of the space. 

But the past few days, since Sunday actually, 'baby shower' has been a bad word. Maybe I'll post a recap once I fully recover from the craziness. Hopefully I'll be able to bring myself to do it - eventually.

Love this girl, my bff Jess, like a sister. I'm so happy it's almost Baby Time!

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